Hangin’ around

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Now the weather is getting good it’s time to get out the hammock.  And if you don’t have one…go get one!  So inviting, such a great way to relax and a cool way of adding another focal point at eye level.  Hammocks to me equal indulgent laziness…and don’t we all want a bit of that?

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There are loads of sites selling hammocks and they’re pretty reasonable.  Check out  www.mayanlegacy.com.au, www.hammocksaustralia.com.au,  www.outdoorhammock.com.auwww.hammockheaven.com.au,



Rock on

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There’s a romantic timelessness to rocking chairs.  As soon as I get my perfect porch I’ll be rocking away.

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Image from www.tinywhitedaisies.tumblr.com

There are loads of old wooden rocking chairs out there on Ebay and  www.gumtree.com.au

Image from www.apartmenttherapy.com

Just give them a quick sand and a lick of paint.

Image from www.amyseiffert.com

Painting up an old rocker can give it a whole new lease on life, particularly with a vibrant primary colour.  And with a can of spray paint, it doesn’t take too long. 

Image from www.annixon.blogspot.com

Rockers are also fab for making wee nooks functional and welcoming.


Image from www.swedishinteriordesign.blogspot.com

And painted white they are the perfect chair for a nursery.  Simply add brighter cushions as they grow. 

Image from www.etsy.com

Danish style rockers work easily in a contemporary space and take up less room than traditional ones. 

Image from www.miniobsessed.blogspot.com

And the Eames style rockers are very contemporary, and with the moulded chair…pretty comfy!

Check out www.sokol.com.au and www.mattblatt.com.aun for replicas.

Image from www.readymade.com

And then there are the quirky ones…hard to find, but very cool.


Decorative tiles

Image from www.miasinterior.blogspot.com

We’ve spent the last couple of decades or so ripping out ugly 70′s style tiles.  They were everywhere.  Hideous patterns in unflattering colours.  We were right to do it!  So… then we focused for years on various shades of unpatterned brown or beige on the floor with white tiles on the walls.  And for quite some time now, we’ve been ripping them out and a variety of greys have graced our floors (again with the white walls).  Is anyone bored yet??


Image from www.housetohome.co.uk

It seems we were so burnt by the bad 70′s that even a hint of pattern sends us scurrying back to Tile Mart begging for their latest version of charcoal floor tiles.  The enormous variety available should be your first red flag!

Image from www.4living.ru.com

For a while there, a strip of mosaics or pebbles was about the most adventurous tiling you would see in the average home.  So…here are some images to get you thinking…and hopefully looking beyond the pedestrian greys, browns and whites.

Image from www.style-files.com

Although…with a bit of flair and a cool pattern…brown can still look fab.

Image from www.housetohome.co.uk

 Hallways are a great place to use decorative tiles if you’re not confident with styling around a bold pattern.

Image from www.slowlanenotes.blogspot.com

Because you can pretty much let the tiles be the main statement.

Image from www.desiretoinspire.com.au

Not really sure what this area is…foyer???  And I don’t love the borders of black and white and then flat charcoal …but the patterened tiles are great.

Image from www.puregreendesign.blogspot.com

The size of this fireplace could make it visually quite dark and oppressive, but the sweet patchwork approach with the pretty individual tiles changes the look completely. 


Image from www.fieldandsea.tumblr.com

Even if you simply can’t commit to a pattern…you can still think outside the square a little.  Don’t satisfy yourself with the same bathroom every other Tom Dick and Harry has…inject some personality into your home from the ground up!


Weight watching

Image from www.velvetbrown.co.uk

Another great thing making a comeback, is the tablecloth weight.   What’s fab about these are how many different looks you can have with a very practical accessory.  Love these stone hearts from www.velvetbrown.co.uk .

Image from www.thegreenhead.com

These twine balls from www.thegreenhead.com are gorgeous. Such a fun outdoor feel to them.

Image from www.mollieandfred.co.uk

They don’t always have to be country cute… Tablecloth weights can add a bit of bling to your dinner party.  These ones from www.mollieandfred.co.uk and fab, as are the very contemporary silver tear drops below.

Image from www.shinyshiny.tv

And these black rose weights from www.theroseshack.co.uk are such a romantic look for a garden party.

Image from www.theroseshack.co.uk

Or… you could go totally country and DIY it…

Image from www.inbloomeventdesign.blogspot.com

Or keep an eye out at your antique shops for sweet vintage ones like these…

Image from www.sign-maker.net

Or get inventive… (this is my favorite).

Image from www.pintrest.com

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For an at home or on-line consultation email me at ria@iwantiwantiwant.com.au


Swinging in the rain…or sun

Image from www.doors-sliding.com

Loving a porch swing!  If you have any form of undercover porch or verandah…these are a must.     I’m not sure why the Americans seem to be so into them and we have so few…they are such a great way to make the most of an undercover area.

Image from www.sherrisreadingjubilee.blogspot.com

Having two face each other is twice as good!

Image from www.housetohome.co.uk

The ropes on this one would make you feel ok about the extra muffin at lunch I think…but man does it look comfortable.

Image from www.sherrisreadingjubilee.blogspot.com

I love the dark boards with the sweet white swing here…

Image from www.livingetc.com

This vintage swing is perfect for a little white weatherboard. Keep an eye out for old bench seats …you can find some gorgeous ones at antique shops and they look amazing as swings.

Image from www.homedepot.com

Apologies for the quality of this image…but this custom made swing is fantastic.  A great combo of chaise longue and  porch swing.

Image from www.apartmenttherapy.com

This one from Apartment Therapy is fairly hefty, because it comes with its own frame so it doesn’t need support…but I love the woven seat.

Image from www.homelife.com.au

You don’t need to have a huge verandah, or even a custom made swing…any bench seat can be adapted as a swing…just ensure your ropes and bolts are strong enough for an after dinner swing!

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It’s easy being green…

Green…now there’s a colour you can use!  It can be modern, retro, traditional, dramatic, soothing…any old look you could want.

Below is a collection of images where green has been used as a theme with pretty cool results.

Image from www.homelife.com.au

Image from www.housetohome.co.uk

Image from www.livingetc.com

Image from www.homesandgardens.com

Image from www.lushlee.com

Image from www.livingetc.com


Meet me in Marrakesh

Image from www.zenza.nl

Think loads of beautifully detailed silver… trays, bowls, pots… a profusion of lanterns and votives sending out sweet pin pointed light,  carved fretwork, handpainted tiles and richly embroidered cushions.  Morocco is the source of some of the most gorgeous designs you can find. 

Image from www.zenza.nl

Image from www.zenza.nl

The easiest spots in your home to Moroccanize are your bathroom and outdoor area.  

For the bathroom, focus on gorgeous tiles, either an abundance of them or just a small focal point against a backdrop of white.  Carved screens lettting light through the windows is a whole lot nicer than frosted glass. 


For outside, scatter embroidered cushions on low seating and hang clusters of lanterns of all different shapes and sizes, finish with silver trays and sweet votives (and hope that melbourne provides you with the odd warm night!)

It’s the lighting that I love the most.  I don’t know anywhere else in the world where candles and globes are used to such effect.  For gorgeous exotic lanterns check out www.ambianceinteriors.com.au

For a great selection of Moroccan homewares check out www.kasbahimports.com.au .  Head to their outlet at 673 Nepean, Hwy, East Brighton, and spend a couple of hours losing yourself in textures and colours.  A great online source for fretwork or panels is  www.interiorsonline.com.au.  For a beautiful range of really sweet votives check out Big Chair stores on the Mornington Peninsula.

Image from www.iwantiwantiwant.com.au


Eco chic!

Check out this really well named site…  www.ecochic.com.au  

Images from www.ecochic.com.au

If you love the idea of renewable resources, recyclable, non toxic and non allergenic materials, Fair Trade and GECA certification, then you’ll love this site.  All of their products meet at least one of these criteria or are, at the very least, made in Australia to reduce the carbon footprint of transportation.   Not just a pretty concept…they have beautiful furniture , homewares, lighting, organic linen, rugs and art. 

Images from www.ecochic.com.au

I love this Nest Rug, available in natural and charcoal.  Made by hand from 100% hemp, and embracing Fair Trade Practices, this is a gorgeous casual look you can buy with a clear conscience.

This great Kiri Lounge Chair is made from rattan, a renewable resource, and comes in natural, black, walnut or white.   Comfortable, gorgeous and no pesticides have been used in the making of it…

My final favorite… The Pasha Pod Chair in whitewash or dark brown rattan.  What a gorgous piece.  If you have any sort of undercover outdoor area…buy one of these, and spend as many hours as you can just swingin’ away.